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Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

1. Are Fake References Legal?

A resume is not a legal contract, a resume is simply a personal sales proposal. Furthermore, FakeCareer is just an Answering Service which means we are only obligated to answer the phones as you request.


2. What do most HR departments verify?


Most companies are very careful on the questions they answer due to recent litigation's. The most common reference question your previous employer will be asked is ________ eligible to be rehired? YES or NO? If your former employer responds NO to that question, your prospects for landing the next job just became nil. Fake Career recommends any applicant does not put there former employer on their current resume if for any reason you are not eligible for rehire. Fake career also discourages you fudge dates of employment as that will always raise red flags if not matching.


3. Will Fake Career Answer Calls Acting as My Former Employer Which Was a Real Company?


Fake career will not answer calls as a real trade-mark company. However, you do have the option to have direct phone line to a CareerExcuse.com Reference Provider who can than answer calls to reference your resume or answering script.


4. How Do You Know What to Say When a Reference Inquiry is Received?


Upon completion of initial free consultation (available via Phone call or email ) Fake Career will work with you to determine requested Job Title, Dates of Employment, Job Responsibilities, ect. Fake Career employs a industry standard answering script to the most common questions our reference providers are asked during a reference inquiry. (Such as Job Applicant’s Strengths/Weaknesses)


5. Why should i choose Fake Career?


At Fake Career, you are not paying for just a phone number and reference answered with “yeah he/she worked with us”. We research the position you are applying for. We have a team that will professionally build custom websites that look exactly similar to real company websites. We provide a professionally located address on Google Maps. Your local phone numbers are answered with your company greeting along with extension and FAX numbers, just like with real companies. Our Reference Providers also have email addresses with your company domain and can answer incoming calls in real time! Fake Career is so good at what we do we can confidently say NEVER have our services been discovered outside the member agreement with almost 8 Years Experience and 2000+ customers served!


6. Will Fake Career serve international clients?




7. What If Fake Career provides references and I Don’t Land the Job– Can I Get A Refund?


NO. You never would have had the interview in the first place without our service. We provide a legit applicant history of work experiences and references but you need to sell yourself during the interview. Our service goal is to land you more interviews while you do not have to worry about past employment gaps.


8. Why is there a monthly fee?


Each plan comes with a initial setup fee and 30 day answering service. To keep your reference service active for over 30 days requires a small fee to keep your phone number active, your fake website online and your fake live agent reference provider(s) standing by to answer any reference check calls.


9. Does it cost anything to see what Fake Career can offer me before i purchase the service?

NO ! Fake Career offers all clients a free initial consult via telephone or email to explain in detail all services provided. We will even send you a preview of your custom website, local telephone number with live operator to test.

10. Are there anyone you will not provide services too ?

We refuse to participate in ANY illegal activity or requests. Our services are intended for personal in the commercial workplace. We do not service the following bodies/fields/industries: Government Bodies, Entities, Programs, Employees, Fire, Police, Ambulatory, Medical, Caregivers, Educators & Educational Institutions, and more.

We have the right to refuse service to anyone we feel incriminating or compromising the health and safety of the public, customer or Fake Career.

11. Can i be arrested for using Fake career services?

No, you cannot be arrested for the services offered by Fake Career to gain employment or accommodation. However, if you defraud or fabricate the government, you may be arrested. Fake Career does not provide its services to financial institutions, government affiliated entities

12. How long does it take once i submit payment for the service to start?

Once you submit the Fake Career information form we begin fabricating your perfect reference and usually deliver in 3-5 business days depending on the service you chose. For a small fee we can expedite service and have you up and running within the same business day

13. How authentic will my reference(s) be?

We provide you with a virtual business and real operators to answer questions about you ensuring future employers will not be able to tell your reference is fake. Our virtual businesses include websites, domain based email phone and fax, Local phone numbers can be acquired same day ,together providing an authentic and positive experience for reference checkers. We will even add your new business location to google maps if requested.

14. I need a reference sent via fax. Can you do this?

Yes. Your Virtual Landlord/Business has a dedicated fax number (also found on its website) where your potential landlord or employer can fax us the forms to fill out and fax back.

15. Will you notify me if someone calls or emails to check my references?


Yes. We document all incoming reference checks and immediately notify you about who contacted us regarding you, when and the detailed minutes of the conversation.

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